Regenerative Medicine

ClientThereseProjectLogo and Branding DesignAbout This ProjectRegenerative Medicine is a medical company based in Dublin, Ireland. They focus on enabling people [...]
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Corrib Stone Creations

ClientNiamhProjectBranding MaterialAbout This ProjectCorrib Stone Creations is a stone countertop business located in Galway, Ireland. We worked together to create [...]
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Urban Seed

ClientRichard and DarraghProjectLogo and Branding DesignAbout This ProjectUrban Seed is a vegan food supplier founded in Galway, Ireland. Their goal [...]
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Ocean Property

ClientConorProjectMarketing Material DesignAbout This ProjectOcean Property Management is a property management company based in Galway, Ireland. They sell, rent and [...]
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3B’s Barbers

ClientSidProjectLogo DesignAbout This Project3B's Barbers is a barbershop located in Galway, Ireland. They groom and style men and women's hair. [...]
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Victorian Carousel

ClientArthurProjectLogo and Branding DesignAbout This ProjectVictorian Carousel is a funfair business based in Galway, Ireland. They provide a wide range [...]
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ClientJessicaProjectBranding DesignAbout This ProjectSelffit is a personal training business based in Galway, Ireland. Jessica's main aim is to empower people [...]
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